среда, 7 апреля 2010 г.

Why Python?

It's been a while since my last post.

I have visited my home, changed my supervisor professor, changed my room in a dorm, found new part-time job... and decided to write my blog in English. Yep, i hope it'll help me to improve my English writing skills.

Today's post is about Python programming language. Not 'another overview', just i'd like to share the reason why I started to use it.

I started to write some scripts in Python last year, i think it was summer time. The raining season, damn-hot weather...Okey.

And I was completely fascinated with Python, and what it allowed me to create in a short time. The highly dynamic nature of the language has made me look different about programming. Yeah, at first it hard to use Python because of the static programming background. You start to find the way, how apply old techniques to Python. But later you'll become more Pythonic. And it's cool.

I don't want to provide a deep comparison with other modern languages. Just give here some of my thoughts.

When I think about C# or Java it like they say: "Hey man, don't use C++. pointers are bad, memory leaks. Use us". And they completely miss that memory is not the only resource that can leak. File handles, sockets,... These languages still provide additional contructs to handle these leaks in similar to RAII fashion.

But when it's come to Python: "Hey, I will give you as much as I can to increase your productivity. If what you need is performance, you can use me together with C or C++". And that's what I really like.

Got picture from here (Hope they don't mind)