четверг, 5 августа 2010 г.

Twisted Python Tutorials

I heard many times about Twisted networking library for Python.
But haven't looked on it until now, because I got a task to make a simple server.
I'm getting really sick of C++ these days, so decided to use Python.
And twisted seems to be the way to go. But there's one problem, I've never used it.

I started to search the web for some tutorials, and found really great tutorial series here.

I don't know who is this guy, but it's the best tutorial series I've ever read, despite it was just written in blog.
The author first gives good foundation, and then incrementally describes what is Twisted, how to use it, and what design decisions are behind it.

Material is supplied with bunch of diagrams, which makes really helps understanding.
Each part is ended by conclusion followed by several exercises for practice.
All the source code is stored on GitHub, so everybody can easily access it.
Author is also quickly responding to any comment.
Very good quality.

Recommend to anyone, who would like to study Twisted.

P.S. After reading these tutorials I finally understood why server side of EVE online got great performance boost after implementing server logic using Stackless Python (slides, video). And why multi-tasking single-threaded application, can run faster than single-tasking single-threaded one.

Instead of waiting for completion of some blocking operation (I/O, networking, ...), we can switch to some other task.

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